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Safe Operations


You already know that safety in the oil and gas industry is essential to a successful operation. At Third Coast Midstream, we believe that excellence in environmental, health, and safety performance is not just good for the communities in which we operate, it is good for business.

Safety and Health

Third Coast Midstream is committed to the safety of the people in the communities in which we operate, including all of our employees and contractor personnel. Safety is a primary responsibility for all levels of our organization, including our senior leadership, directors, managers, supervisors, employees, and contractors. Every Third Coast Midstream employee is responsible and accountable for their own safety and that of their fellow workers.

Our steadfast commitment to safe operations can only be achieved by empowering all personnel to make accident prevention and safe work practices their top priority. Therefore, it is important that each employee understands that no job is so important or urgent that we cannot take the time to do it safely and without incident. It is also vital that every Third Coast Midstream employee has the right to stop any job if unsafe conditions exist or potentially exist.

Third Coast Midstream promotes safety by pursuing continuous improvement in our operations, and diligently refining our environmental, health, and safety program with new information, techniques, and technologies. Our leadership actively promotes and encourages excellence in our environmental, health and safety programs by committing both financial resources and the appropriate personnel.


At Third Coast Midstream, we are committed to being stewards of the environment. We strive to design and operate our assets and facilities in accordance to the highest industry standards and best practices. We are proud of our commitment to excellence in this area. We take very seriously not only our obligations to the people, but also the communities and natural environments in which we operate.

Know What's Below

Call 811 at least a few days in advance of starting any digging project to avoid unintentionally hitting underground utility lines. In the event of an emergency, call 911 as well as the local gas control centers at (800) 926-4352 in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and North Dakota.

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